How fit are you?

  • 02/03/17
  • MAP Travel

Welcome to our fitness test!

Simply write down your answer to each of the questions below and add up your score at the end.

1. When you run to open the door are you?

a) Able to carry on a normal conversation

b) Slightly out of breath, but able to speak normally

c) Able to speak normally, but pausing between breaths

d) You never dream of running to answer the door

2. How do you climb the stairs?

a) Run or bound upstairs

b) Walk quickly upstairs

c) Walk slowly upstairs

d) Take a few breaks

3. How do you get around town?

a) Walk whenever possible

b) Walk and use public transport

c) Drive and circle around until you find a parking place as close as possible to your destination

d) Take a taxi right to your destiation

4. Do you enjoy walking?

a) More than 10 km a day

b) 5-10 km in a day

c) 1-4 km in a day

d) You never walk unless you have to

5. After 10 minutes of fast walking, how long does it take to "get your breath back" and for your heart to stop pounding?

a) 1 minute

b) 2 minutes

c) 4 minutes

d) You never walk fast

6. Do you enjoy the challenge of walking (slowly) uphill?

a) For 4 hours

b) For 2 hours

c) For 1 hour

d) You avoid walking uphill whenever possible

7. After walking for say a 15 km do you feel?

a) Ready to keep going

b) Ready for a nap

c) In the need of a day to recover

d) Determined never to repeat the physical exertion

To score:

a) = 9

b) = 6

c) = 3

d) = 0

Your total score will give you an indication of your fitness level

0 - 20 = Unfit. Get your walking boots out, its time to make a change!

21 - 30 = Moderately fit. Well done, you clearly keep active, now its time for a real challenge!

31- 40 = Good level of fitness. You are sporty and in great shape, where will your next adventure take you?

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