My recent visit to China

  • 22/11/17
  • MAP Travel
China is one of the countries that I had a longing to visit since I was a child. It was a really fascinating trip and it is not everyday that you experience not only one, but three Great Wonders of the World. Let me now describe them one by one. The Great Wall of China, stretches over 4,000 miles from West to East and certainly lives up to its name. I had seen numerous photos of The Great Wall and it wasn't until I was climbing the wall that I appreciated its vastness with stunning panoramic views. You really need to experience it to appreciate it fully.

The Great Wall of China

Forbidden City, also known as the Palace Museum, lies at the city centre of Beijing. It is such a fascinating place! Once inside I was overwhelmed by just how expansive the city is, the size of the structures and complex itself was mindboggling and indeed overwhelming! A visit to the Forbidden City is also a must when in Beijing.

The Palace Museum is housed in The Forbidden City, Beijing

The third Wonder of the World was the Terracotta Warriors located in Xi'an. The Terracotta Army is a collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. Xi'an is also a great city for food and entertainment – we feast on traditional Shui Jiao dumplings followed by the performance of Tang Dynasty dancers – a real spectacle! This city had the authentic charm and oriental feel I was looking for and much more!

Tang Dynasty Show in Xi'an

We spent some days in Shanghai exploring the main attractions and straining our necks up at the incredible skyscrapers. Not to be missed is the cruising at night on the wide Huangpu River (must-have activity in Shanghai!). On the final day in Shanghai, we were driven to the Venice of China - Zhujiajiao, one of the most popular floating towns.

China has it all and needs to be visited sooner rather than later.... a fascinating country that has something for everyone!
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