• 29/05/18
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Beautiful scenery, great architecture, delicious food not to mention the beer! Germany has so much to offer and is great value for money too. Here are some of the delights which Germany has to offer.
Hamburg is a major port city in northern Germany. It has hundreds of canals and also has large areas of parklands. As a port city, Hamburg has been in direct contact with the world and its diversity is reflected in the city’s culinary landscape, characterized by the extensive choice of different kinds of delicious fish. St Pauli neighborghood is the heart and soul of Hamburg, where a beer or shot of rum costs only €2.00! There is plenty of choices from cocktail bars and traditional bistros to upmarket restaurants and bars. How about to take a walk to the other side of the Elbe River below the water? The Old Elbe Tunnel also called "St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel" connects both shores of the Elbe. Definitely a must-see!

One of the most popular soups in Hamburg, is the creamy lobster soup called “Hamburger Hummersuppe”

40 miles away from the bigger metropolis of Hamburg, Lübeck has more than 1,000 historical buildings and is one of the founding cities of the mighty Hanseatic League. Behind its landmark Holstentor (gate), you will find streets lined with medieval merchant’s homes and spired churches. Lubeck has its reputation as the home of marzipan. The “Marzipan Salon” takes the visitor through centuries of history from its beginnings (free admission!) and you can pass by “Niederegger café” where you can find every type of marzipan you can dream of! Lübeck is a cultural city with all kinds of activities - exhibitions, theatres featuring opera, ballet and chamber music as well as concerts of the Lübeck Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Holsten Gate is marking off the western boundary of the old centre of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck

Berlin has it all and can be visited at any time of the year - entertainment, architecture, historical sights and museums. Berlin have numerous green spaces and swimming lakes and more than 2,500 public parks and gardens that offer locals and visitors nature and country in the city. The city’s monuments and museums pay tribute to Berlin turbulent history and will give you an understanding of the past that continues to shape the city today.

Skyline view, Berlin

Dresden was from the 15th century onward residence of the Saxon Dukes, electoral princes and later kings. A city rich in art treasures, history and must-see baroque buildings. The river Elbe, which flows right past Dresden’s Old Town, is lined with wide riverbanks, offering stunning views of the Old Town and unique places to stroll and relax. The surrounding area boasts 17 different castles and ruins all within a couple of hours drive. Elbe Sandstone Mountains is one of Germany’s few national parks.

The Dresden Frauenkirche and old town square


Sparkling with Baroque palaces, manicured gardens, and sparkling fountains from its proud Prussian past, the "German Versailles" is the most popular day trip from Berlin and a fairy tale escape from the capital's history. Awash in the glow of architectural beauty, the central heart of the city bustles with life, from café culture to fine dining, street performers to creative galleries. Potsdam is an incredible place to visit.

Palace of Sanssouci in Potsdam - UNESCO World heritage site

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