• 18/06/18
  • MAP Travel

1. Walking holidays keeps you healthy

Walking is the best exercise for individuals, especially adults, to reduce the risk of heart and cardiovascular diseases. Choosing a holiday that includes daily walks means that your lungs will welcome the fresh air.

2. Your mood will improve

Walking has been recommended for managing symptoms of depression particularly when combined with sun and fresh air with the added social experience of walking with others.

3. Your body will thank you

Walking will assist you to get back into or stay in shape and fit more comfortably in your clothes. As we get older our body loses muscle tone and walking is a good way to tone up.

4. Increase energy

A walking holiday will boost your energy levels as aerobic capacity increases, allowing you to deliver more and more oxygen to your brain and blood stream, helping you feel more awake, alert and in better form.

5. Meet new friends

You will certainly meet others who are walking the same route. The opportunity to walk together for a while and get to know new people is one of the highlights of a walking holiday.

6. Memories that last forever

"What fills the eyes fills the heart." — Irish Proverb You will not remember the time you spent working in the office or sitting at home watching TV… but you will forever remember the sunsets, the ocean breeze and that delicious local food and wine!

7. Time to think

There will be ample opportunities to chat while you walk or take breaks as well as comfortable silences. It can give you a few minutes to clear the stuck thoughts in your head, through breathing in fresh air and connecting with the environment and appreciate your surroundings.

8. Sense of accomplishment

It is very important to keep your motivation on your journey and reach your goals. Perceived sense of accomplishment builds confidence and enhance self-esteem!

9. Reduce stress

If you’ve ever gone out for a walk and come back feeling calmed and relaxed, you know first-hand that walking can help reduce stress and wrinkle lines too!

10. No adverse side affects

Walking holidays are suitable for all ages, there is nothing to lose from trying it out, and lots and lots to gain!